Album Review: Sir Sly ‘You Haunt Me’

Words by Bethany Polson

You might have heard Sir Sly’s very successful single “Gold” when it hit the radio in 2013. Alternative stations played that tune that gets stuck in your head before you even knew what you were singing pretty often. After hearing “Gold”, you might have looked into Sir Sly and found their likewise named EP. If you were me, you were so enthralled that you bought it and didn’t regret it for one minute. Now, we’ve been given the gift of a whole album, titled ‘You Haunt Me.’

I must say, I was slightly disappointed when I realized the whole EP is on the album, which means less new music. Though, the rest of the album is so good, I can’t complain. Their entire album is catchy and trying to pick a favorite song can borderline ruin your life. Every single song follows the same theme as the last, but in just the right way an album should. The echoing vocals leave you wishing you could leave their album on repeat in your head forever. Spotify lists a ton of artists that are supposedly similar to Sir Sly but I can’t find a way to compare any of them. There’s something incredibly comforting about the relatable narrative we get to follow throughout the entire album.

One of the tracks that was on the album, but also the EP, that particularly settled with me was “Where I’m Going.” The song talks about how easy it is to become jaded when something happens to us and we’re hurt. Terrible things are going to happen in life and people are going to hurt you, but there are ways to make it through those things, sometimes with the help of others. “Nowhere / Bloodlines Pt. 1” is another cool one, it starts out upbeat talking about fear and its crippling effects on us sometimes. Later, it slows down, and goes into how people change. There’s a song for everyone and every situation on this long play. You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify today or you can grab it on iTunes! Check them out on Facebook, and maybe catch them on tour next year with KONGOS and Colony House!

Tuesday Tunes: I’ll Fall Apart With All My Heart

OOE Collage I'll Fall Apart

“It’s a new art form, showing people how little we care (yeah)”. This week’s Tuesday Tunes had no particular set theme and yet all of the songs seem to encompass a theme of inner strength. Lyrically, sonically, or visually, they remind us to empower ourselves. Or maybe I’m just too excited for the new Hunger Games movie, I don’t know. Either way, give this playlist a listen on our Spotify if you need a little reminder of how strong you really are (because you’re awesome).

1. You Think You’re Tough-Hunx and His Punx

2. Bad Thing-King Tuff

3. Springfield Cannonball-The Coathangers

4. Guns For Hands-Twenty One Pilots

5. Mind Over Matter-Young The Giant

6. Tennis Court-Lorde

7. Riptide-Vance Joy

8. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked-Cage The Elephant

9. Different-Ximena Sarinana

10. We Came To Dance-The Gaslight Anthem

11. Konstantine-Something Corporate

12. Stubborn Love-The Lumineers

13. Your Graduation-Modern Baseball

14. Holy-Pvris

15. Pressure-The 1975

16. 5:50 Hurst-Picture Atlantic

17. Secrets Make Sounds-French Cassettes

18.  If I Go-Ella Eyre

19. Smoke-Pvris

20. Yellow Flicker Beat-Lorde

21. Decode-Paramore

Tuesday Tunes: I’ll See You At Midnight

OOE Collage I'll See You At Midnight


Sometimes it’s really obvious when a new album comes out that everyone loves. So basically, we’re all listening to the new Pvris album (which, btw is pronounced “Paris” and not “Purvis”; not that I’ve been saying it like that or anything). Check out our playlist this week on Spotify–I promise it’s not just that album.

1. Mirrors-Pvris

2. Money-Peace

3. Thinkin’ Bout You-Frank Ocean

4. My House-Pvris

5. Montreal-Major League

6. Four Winds-Bright Eyes

7. The Place You Love-Have Mercy

8. An Introduction to The Album-The Hotelier

9. Bury Our Friends-Sleater-Kinney

10. Free Spirit-Fictionist

11. Epic Last Song-Does It Offend You, Yeah?

12. The Few That Remain-Set Your Goals ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore

13. Fire-Pvris

14. Breezeblocks-Alt-J

15. Eyelids-Pvris

16. Toothpaste Kisses-The Maccabees

17. Melissa-The Allman Brothers Band

18. OutRight-Wild Party

19. All About You-Hilary Duff

20. Steal My Girl-One Direction

All Time Favorite: My Chemical Romance ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’


Words by Adriana Sanchez


I was twelve years old when I got my hands on a copy of Three Cheers For Sweet
Revenge by My Chemical Romance. It was dark and angry, fast and morbid一and I loved it.
Before that moment, I was never exposed to anything that was seen as weird or frightening
to some. I didn’t even know that people were different because everyone around me was the
same. Out of nowhere, these four guys in a band were telling me that it was okay to be and look
different, so I did. I jumped straight into this world of punk rock not knowing that nothing was
going to be able to pull me back up.
Fast forward to my sophomore year of high school. I was a nerd with bright red hair and
wore Minor Threat t-shirts to school. I also started losing most of my friends and found it hard to
make new ones. I was being rejected by others and then my family followed. No one wanted me
anymore. People who once loved me were telling me that I was ugly, fat, that no one was going
to love me, and I believed them. When I looked into the mirror, I absolutely hated the person
staring back at me, so I changed.I was losing weight, I changed my clothes一nothing I did was
right. I was so desperate for someone to want me, to even like me, but no one did. No matter
what I tried, I couldn’t get their approval, so I turned to music. I turned to Three Cheers.
That album comforted me when I was too embarrassed to talk to anyone. I would put
it on repeat for hours and just listened. The one thing that I truly caught my attention from that
entire album is the line, “we are young and we don’t care, your dreams and your hopeless hair”,
in “Give ‘Em Hell, Kid”. It’s a very insignificant lyric and I think I may have even pulled it out of
context wrong, but to me it’s the most powerful; so much so that I plan to have it tattooed on me.
With just that line alone, I had suddenly found the courage to stick up for myself because it was
true. I was young and I didn’t care. I didn’t care whether or not someone thought I was weird
or ugly, so I braced the masses and accepted my fate. I simply stopped caring. The album
was telling me to seek revenge, but I didn’t want to inflict the same pain. It hurt too much. In
my head, I figured that having the courage to build a successful life despite looking different or
having weird interests was the best revenge.
My new found confidence was short lived as all of those remarks about my appearance
cracked the facade I had built. I became extremely self aware of the way I looked and grew
unhappier each day that passed. In an effort to mask whatever pain and self-consciousness I
felt, I mastered the art of sarcasm and blamed teenage angst as I distanced myself from others.
It was a lonely journey from then on, but I had music around to keep me sane.
I am now in the middle of my senior year of high school. Recently, I have become aware
that my self esteem issues are a problem, and I’m working on it. Just like anything else, there
are good days and there are bad ones. I’ve got a close group of friends that care about me and
am currently working on getting out of my hometown. So far, there has been a lot of babysteps,
but I have promised myself that one day I will be able to fully love myself just as everyone
should. Do not let people’s words hurt you. Everyone’s awesome and beautiful. The one’s who
have something wrong with them are the one’s who are trying to bring you feel less than you
My Chemical Romance has been my favorite band since then. They were there when no
one else wasn’t and for that I would never be able to thank them enough.That record alone was
my gateway into this whole new world of music. Music that has become my passion in life and
inspired not only the person that I am now but also the person that I aspire to be.

Show Review: The Honda Civic Tour 2014


Words by Bethany Polson


On October 18th, 2014, I had the opportunity to go to the Honda Civic tour in Houston, Texas! This year Honda pulled a lot of strings and had American Authors, Echosmith, and The Mowgli’s (sometimes substituting Echosmith for Oh, Honey!) This trio pulled a big crowd to one of the smaller and newer venues in Houston. The Saturday crowds usually are bigger, just out of convenience; there were about a thousand people there. Listening to the conversation around me, I realized a lot of the crowd came for individual bands and quite a few fans left after the Mowglis and Echosmith finished their sets.

Echosmith was the first to hit the stage; these cool kids played a relatively short set of about six songs fresh off their first long play out earlier this year. Echosmith has been popular in the alternative circuits but also some pop outlets. “Cool Kids” has been stuck in my head for a couple months now and that’s what they closed with. The crowd was amped for their entire set because this young band gives off nothing but happy vibes, but, when those first couple notes played the energy was almost electric. The crowd knew all the words to this very relatable song about wanting to fit in and demonstrated how this is just another way music connects people on infinite levels.

Next, we have The Mowgli’s! This band is no small family; they took up almost the entire stage with their large variety of instruments and members. One of the best things about live music is their ability to portray their passion with the crowd and to share in the moment; this was the best part of The Mowgli’s set in my opinion. Even though this was more than halfway through the tour, everyone on stage seemed like they wanted to be there, preforming for YOU. The band closed with “San Francisco” and it was clear that this was the song everyone had been waiting for all because videos were taken during this song.

Last but definitely not least, American Authors came out with a bang! Their stage production was impressive from the very start. There were projections on the back of the stage with lyrics and graphics, throughout the show. These guys don’t play around because they ended up playing almost their entire album, plus a Coldplay cover of “Yellow” and Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” Lead vocalist, Zac Barnett, felt too far from the crowd and ended up standing on the barricade several times. Zac even came into the crowd a couple times, which, as you can imagine, the crowd loved. We were treated to some acoustic performances towards the end, without microphones or amps, though the crowd was almost too antsy to enjoy it. Overall, this was an awesome show and a great unwind from a long week! If you have the opportunity to see any of these bands in the future, I’d recommend it!