Tuesday Tunes!

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It’s the last week of July and we’re ready to give summer one final party with this week’s Tuesday Tunes. Check it out on Spotify!

1. Lies-Chvrches

2. 400 Lux-Lorde

3. Gun-Chvrches

4. No Man is An Island-Tenth Avenue North

5. Top Notch-Manchester Orchestra

6. Don’t Wait For Daylight-NEEDTOBREATHE

7. Here We Go Again-Paramore

8. A Love Like War-All Time Low ft. Vic Fuentes

9. Ain’t It Fun-Paramore

10. Call-Francesco Yates

11. My Silver Lining-First Aid Kit

12. Try-Colbie Callait

Bands To Watch: Pentimento


Words by Paige Kochanski


Pentimento are a four piece band hailing from Buffalo, New York. Vincent Caito, Lance Claypool, Micheal Hansen and Jeramiah Pauly started the band in 2010, with an intent to do it for the love of music. They used that mindset of genuine passion and projected it to each piece of the band, from the way they connect and interact with fans to the lyrics within the songs. With this, it captures a very honest emotion in each line and creates a way for fans to interpret and apply the songs to their own life, whether that means finding their own meanings or connecting it to a memory of happiness or struggles.

In 2012, the band put out their debut, self-titled album. The eleven songs are a perfect display of the band as a whole, consequently encouraging a development of comparisons to the punk rock grit of Brand New and Saves The Day, yet still leaning on the deep roots of pop punk. The album was released for free, due to conflicts with the band’s former label. Fans immediately supported the band by donating money through Paypal, to help with the costs of the record. In addition, they’ve released two EPs, ‘Wrecked’ and ‘Inside The Sea’, both following the pure excellence that we’ve seen in the full length.

Penitmento are an example of an extremely authentic, genuine and hardworking band in today’s music scene. In a time when music seems to have a filter over what fans see, it’s refreshing to have something so raw and real to enjoy. It’s about getting back to the basics, and Pentimento are doing just that.

The band just concluded a co-headlining tour in the U.S. with Have Mercy and Gates. In the fall, they will be playing both dates of Riot Fest in Toronto, as well as Fest 13 in Gainesville, Florida.

Keep up with Pentimento on facebook and pick up their EP ‘Inside The Sea’ on Paper + Plastic.

Bands To Watch: Ghost Town


Words by Paige Kochanski


The internet has changed the way fans look at music. Genres are less important and exclusive and are instead treated as an equal playing field where they can be meshed. One band who has paved their own path and created a hybrid of rock and electronic music is California’s Ghost Town.

Ghost Town is comprised of four members: Kevin Ghost, Evan Pearce, Alix Monster and MannYtheDrummeR. The band’s journey has been anything but ordinary. Their first song went viral quickly and they capitalized on the sudden success, by writing and releasing one song each week, known as “Ghost Town Tuesday.” The ambition that the band had did not slow down, and they were soon signed to Fueled By Ramen and touring with bands such as Mariana’s Trench and playing Warped Tour.

The band has a unique relationship with their fanbase. The two grew together from the beginning and have harnessed that energy ever since. With a goal to treat all their fans like family and show them that any dream can be achieved, they’ve created a positive music community within their shared universe.

The band also has a strong connection with artist, Alister Dippner, who does all the artwork related to the music. Each piece of art is unique and representative of the music itself.

Ghost Town are an example what the future of music sounds like. Something different that pushes the boundaries that most fans have come to accept and expect. It’s an exciting time for music, and an even better time to check out Ghost Town.

Ghost Town’s new album, ‘The After Party’ is available now on Itunes. Check them out on tour this summer and keep up with them on Twitter.

Tuesday Tunes!

OOE Collage July 15


Sometimes, you just need a pick me and we’ve got a playlist that’s kept us moving all week. Check it out on Spotify and let us know what’s kept you’ve been jamming to this week too!

1. Wasted-Tiesto

2. Walk the Line-Iggy Azalea

3. Big Girls Cry-Sia

4. Background-Barcelona

5. Who We Are-Switchfoot

6. Dark Again-Gold Fields

7. A Part of Me-Neck Deep

8. Alone Together-Fall Out Boy

9. Dreaming Out Loud-We Are The In Crowd

10. Elastic Heart-Sia

11. Wild Motion (Set It Free)-Miami Horror

12. Proof-Paramore

Listen to This: Sia “1000 Forms of Fear”




Words by Mary-Bradley Flynn


Sia’s new album 1000 Forms of Fear starts out with an impeccable party anthem by the name of “Chandelier.” “Chandelier” is an obvious tune to put on any playlist for a night when you’re trying to have a good time. The cool thing about it is that it’s got a much deeper meaning than just drinking and having fun if you analyze the lyrics.

Next is “Big Girls Cry,” which is incredible. Sia is different from artist Fergie who had the popular song “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Sia’s “Big Girls Cry” is a brutally honest look at the female psyche, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Following these two power anthems are several more powerful songs that showcase just how talented Sia is. In “Eye of the Needle,” the spectrum of her range is absolutely incredible. It’s a love song and it’s a must listen.

The rest of the songs on the album are fantastic, but I have to say, the first two are the really great songs to hear. They’re both so fantastic in different ways. Sia has spent most of her career thus far being featured in popular songs, but now that “Chandelier” is becoming a hit on Top 40 radio, I only hope to hear more of Sia’s astonishing voice and meaningful lyrics.

Pick up 1000 Forms of Fear on Itunes and check it out on Spotify!

Rating: 4/5

Listen to this: “Chandelier”, “Big Girls Cry”