The Team

We are a community of struggle but we know another world is possible and we’re working together to make that happen.



Brittny Habibti – Founder + Creative Director

I’m the founder of Open Our Eyes.  I firmly believe in the correlation of salvation and love, music the way some people believe in fairy tales and six impossible things before breakfast.  Only two seasons exist to me: summer + almost summer because nothing compares to the feeling of sand between your toes.  In addition to Open Our Eyes, I am a music + fashion Publicist.  I also blog + photograph weekly.  I have a huge heart for Africa + Palestine + LGBTQ community + young women knowing their worth.  I don’t believe in being comfortable or a calm course of existence.  But most importantly, I believe there is no problem that can’t be remedied with a Taylor Swift dance party + doughnuts.



Elizabeth Tolbert – Blogging Queen

I manage Open Our Eyes’ blog.  Live music is my favorite thing in the whole world and I believe it can truly heal people, if only for that moment.  I’m also a former Disney Cast Member. I studied in France for a semester in college and miss it every single day.  I’m obsessed with hair dye and Harry Potter, and I have a 15 year old cat who is the love of my life.  I believe in living positively and want to help others recognize their own importance in the world.  Music connects us all.



Hannah Salsberry – Captain Outreach 

As the Outreach Coordinator for Open Our Eyes, it is my passion to bring people together; believing that together we are a force for good.  I believe in second and third and seventieth chances.  I live in Nashville, TN where I spend my time doing hair + florist work + nannying.  I am a dreamer and a doer, artist and creator.  Often times, I am accused of using too many exclamation points, drinking too much chai tea and spending too much money on beauty products.



Liz Coffey – Online Content Fairy

 I am one half of the social media team here at Open Our Eyes.  I’m a college student in Rochester, NY who has a lot of random opinions on a lot of random things, but I have good intentions I promise.  LGBTQ rights are incredibly important to me as well as women’s rights.  I am trying to make my way into the music industry.  Music is my happy place and my escape, and I love bringing that to people whenever I can.  Music can motivate and inspire people, and I think the reason I love it so much is because it’s so powerful.  A quote from Dave Grohl says it all: “That’s one of the great things about music.  You can sing a song to 85,000 people, and they’ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.” I also write for UMusicians.



Bethany Hacker – Music Outreach Muggle

I am the music outreach coordinator for Open Our Eyes.  I eat, breathe, sleep, and live music everyday.  I’m constantly listening to new things and I try to share it with everyone I can.  I also write, photograph the world around me, and dream of taking over the world.  Music has helped me to stay alive and to heal when I needed it most.  Help me with my mission to provide music to heal everyone.



Britainy Gurr – Online Content Mermaid

I’m the other half of the Open Our Eyes social media team.  As such, it is my goal to provide inspiration and encouragement because I believe in never giving up, no matter what life throws at you.  I’m so adamant in this belief that I got an ampersand-anchor combo meaning “& nothing will sink me” tattooed on my arm.  Professionally, I am a Seattle based photographer, freelance writer and part-time nanny.  But really who I am is a free-spirit who enjoys classic literature + film, exploring this beautiful earth, singing incessantly, forever creating beautiful things, cuddling my hedgehog Audrey Hedgeburn, all things plants and running into the ocean with total abandon whenever possible.  Come dive into + wade through life with me!