So, no.
The answer is no.
Don’t text him.
I mean, I know you want to.
I know you want to call him, and maybe check his Twitter just to see if he’s tweeted anything even remotely close to the subject of you.
Chances are, he hasn’t.
But he is chatting up some lovely young girl who lives eons away…
I guess that means you’ve been replaced.
You wouldn’t have known that if you hadn’t looked…
But curiosity killed the cat.
And, once again, no. No, you can’t call him out on it. What would you say? How would that go?
He’d just deny it.
And then you’d cry again.
Bottom line is, no, you don’t need him.
You never needed him.
The only person who can make you truly and genuinely happy is yourself.
So you don’t need to cling to him.
You don’t need him to tell you that you’re beautiful or special or wonderful.
You have to be able to tell yourself that all on your own.
We grow too dependent on flames, lovers, crushes.
We like the way they make us feel so we hold onto them tightly in hopes that the feeling never slips from our grasp.
Sometimes, it does. It does and it hurts. It hurts like hell.
But I want you to know; it’ll pass.
You can get over it.
You just have to be strong.
Delete the numbers, the messages, the skype chats.
Erase the photos.
Block him from Facebook.
Block him from your mind. Blast your favorite band, your favorite song. Write. Draw. Paint.
Dwelling on it, holding onto it…the memories and feelings…The ones that he doesn’t care about and the ones that he never really returned..
It only makes things worse.
And guess what, love?
You deserve better.
Never. Ever. Settle.
Life is too short.

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