We mentioned this on Facebook several months ago and have finally decided to start it. Each month we will write a post about some of the musicians that have inspired us. This month is The Cab, particularly lead singer, Alex Deleon.

“I will do anything in my power to pick you up off the ground and I will give everything within these bones to make a difference.”

After dealing with addictions, a suicide attempt, broken hearts, failing health, and countless other problems, I realized my small town would be the death of me. So two summers ago, I packed my entire life into a suitcase and moved across the country to another small town but in a big big state, a state that I thought would change my life for the better: California.

I made the (not so well thought out) decision to move and two weeks later I was on a plane. During those two weeks, I took the eleven hour bus ride to Atlanta to attend Warped Tour and see The Cab play at The Masquerade which just so happened to be the day before. Perfect timing, right? Well, the day of the show ended up being the day from hell. I came to Atlanta with a friend of mine and our ride to the show ended up bailing at the last minute so we called a cab. Keep in mind that we’re from a small southern town; we weren’t used to the idea of public transportation at all. I called the first “cab service” I saw in the phonebook. Bad idea! You know those free candy vans you see in all the kidnapping videos and pictures? Well, that’s what picked us up. The driver was exactly who you’d expect to be driving such a fine automobile – incredibly scary. He kept referring to my flaming homosexual friend and I as a cute interracial couple and asking us extremely inappropriate questions about our personal lives.

I never have cash which I knew I would need at the show so I asked him to stop at a Wachovia on the way. Of course he picks the most remote bank in the worst part of town. So here I am, standing very tall at 5’0 and weighing no more than 100lbs dripping wet, walking to the ATM. My friend, of course, waited safely in the car. As I’m punching in my pin number, I can literally feel someone breathing over my shoulder. There were two very large men standing behind me as close as they possibly could without touching me. Panicked, I grabbed my cash out and ran to the kidnapper’s van.

Once we arrived at the show, I’m told that you need to have the credit/debit card you used to purchase the tickets in order to pick them up from will call. I reach in my pocket and guess what’s not there? My debit card! Of course, I left it in the ATM. At this point I’m completely defeated and have no idea what to do. I called my mother only to receive a lecture about how irresponsible I am. I then call Wachovia to report my card as stolen. To add insult to injury, when I explain what happened to the lovely representative on the phone she retorts, “how on earth did you manage to leave your card in the ATM?” I could tell this was the beginning of an amazing night.

Oh, and did I mention that I accidentally locked my friend and I out of the house a few hours before we left for the show? Well, I did. He was in his boxers and I was in a t-shirt and my underwear. Keeping it classy. My friend, being the criminal that he is, was able to break into the house and get us back in.

After the debit card shenanigans, I was ready to call it a night. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. I didn’t come all that way not to hear Vegas Skies. It was my first time hearing them outside of my headphones and it completely exceeded every expectation I had. I’d never seen anyone take as much time as Alex does to individually connect with his fans. Unfortunately, most of the musicians I’ve encountered have no idea what it’s like to be a fan, to love a piece of music so much that it hurts.

My first memory of The Cab was on a front porch in a small town in Florida, where I thought I would spend the rest of my life. It was at the end of the week that made me the person I am today. The first song that was played for me was Whisper Something Fragile. The second was You’ve Got The Nerve. I didn’t need anymore convincing – they were my new favorite band. I immediately grabbed my laptop and purchased the EP. Exactly one month later, their first album was released. I skipped all of my classes that day. I went down to the beach with my ipod and laid in the sand and listened. Over and over and over again. That evening I returned to my dorm and listened for the remainder of the night. I remember crying throughout Vegas Skies and dancing on my bed to That 70’s Songand Bounce. I remember hearing Take My Hand and being filled with so much excitement to be returning to Florida that June and being reunited with the only community I’d ever known. I wrote “LET’S END THIS TRAGEDY TODAY” on my bathroom mirror, where it remained the rest of the semester.

And the end of the following month, just a week before I was to return to Florida, I found out it wasn’t. I was moving there to work with the only thing I believed in at the time, only to have them tell me they no longer believed in me. I was devastated. A company that prided itself on community and second chances was telling me that a mistake I’d made several months before would follow me for the rest of my life. In an attempt to not fall into old habits, I started Open Our Eyes. I didn’t want anyone to ever feel the way I felt that day. I made it through the summer but September rolled around and I wasn’t able to keep it together anymore. I became heavily involved in drugs and partied my way through my entire sophomore year of college. I completely removed everything associated with Florida from my life, which included The Cab. Summer rolled around and that’s when I made the life-altering decision to move to California and to allow The Cab back into my life.

Throughout the next year, The Cab played a huge part in my life. I met the girl who is now one of my closest friends through a retweet from one of the members of the band. I started reading Alex’s blog regularly which caused me to start writing again, something I hadn’t done sober in quite some time. I decided to pursue Open Our Eyes full time because people needed to be aware of the amazing ability that music has to save lives.

This past summer I was given the opportunity to see The Cab again on Warped Tour. Less than a week before my friend and I were scheduled to make the long drive to Atlanta, my life completely fell apart. I ended my engagement and moved back in with my mother which was an hour and half away from where I lived at the time. My life was such a cluster-cuss and I felt myself slipping into the same deep depression I was in the previous year. Then I received this text: So turn the music up, you’re hearing more than sound. Right now this town is for the taking and it’s all we’ll ever need. Followed by this one: We worked too hard to leave without a fight. And that was all I needed.

Today, I’ve been clean for almost a year. I’m making people smile daily through Open Our Eyes. I’m going back to school next fall to finally do what I want to do: Public Relations and Music Management. I listen to The Cab daily because I have amazing memories associated with them now to replace the hopeless ones from Florida. The second Temporary Bliss and Locked Up leaked, all of my friends flooded my Facebook with it. I’ve yet to give it a listen. Though the anticipation is killing me, I refuse to listen. When The Cab is ready for their fans to hear their music, they will release it themselves. Until then, I’m waiting. This band is definitely worth the wait. When nights get lonely, I have Glitz and GlamourWhisper War, and The Lady Luck to keep me company.

Brittny xo


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