Wow. What a question. First and foremost, I guess I should say that I might have a different belief on this than a lot of people. I don’t think hearts break. Ever. They bend, they bruise, they ache and they swell but they don’t break. We have an enormous capacity for two things in this life, and both do very different things to us: Pain, and Love. Unfortunately so often those two things are interconnected and so wrapped and rooted around each other, they become one thing and it’s impossible to separate them. To heal your bruised heart, your aching heart, your bent heart, all I can say is to follow it. It knows better than your mind ever will, and it knows what it needs even when you do not. Time, space, distance, and circumstance are all relative, and must be treated as such. If you want your heart to heal, yield to it.

– Tyler Knott


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