Awareness Show in Chicago

On February 5, 2011, about fifty people in the Chicago area came together to support a cause- to save lives. Local bands Running in Circles and Earthbound, along side Indiana-based band Part-Time Hero came out to support Open Our Eyes and play some great music.

During the evening, two people shared why they have been affected by suicide, depression, etc. One young lady shared that after being molested, she went through a dark depression. She was too scared and felt too stuck to go to someone, and she didn’t know who to turn too. She urged those who were listening to remember that someone out there is always hurting, and you may not know why or even that they are, but if you show them that you are there for them, reach out to them, and morever, prove to them that they are not alone, it could make all the difference. After her tearful story was complete, she was hugged by several strangers.

That is the definition of community, and that is why we are here: to promote community.


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