Do What You Love

Last Sunday, I saw Panic! At the Disco. Concerts have basically taken over my life this past year; not that I’m complaining. Not very many people understand why I like them so much, or why I go to so many. People always say, “Oh, look, another band shirt. Do you own any real clothes?” or, “You’re going to another concert?! Didn’t you go to one last week?” I just smile and try to come up with a clever response as to why I spend my money on merch and my weekends waiting in line for hours in 80 degree weather. The real answer is that concerts make me happy. Not just the kind of happy you feel after buying a new pair of shoes or acing a math test; no, much more than that. I feel on top of the world. I feel as if nothing else matters and it’s just me, a screaming crowd, and the music. I’ve made countless friends at concerts that know a side of me people at school have never seen.
Music is something I truly love. Concerts are a place where I can express that love and share it with so many other people who feel the same. John Gomez from The Summer Set tweeted a little while ago saying, “Do something you truly love today.” I second what he’s saying and I think you should do something you love every single day. Listen to your favorite CD, go out and play your favorite sport, do something special with your best friend. Regardless of what it is, do something that makes you smile.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” -Dalai Lama


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