Let the flames begin.

“I believe that there’s hope buried beneath it all and hiding beneath it all and growing beneath it all.  And this is how we’ll dance when, when they try to take us down.  This is how we’ll sing it.  This is how we’ll stand when, when they burn our houses down. This is what will be.  Oh, glory.” – Paramore

People are so afraid to feel.  Emotions are messy and we’d rather not address them.  All those years of sweeping them under the rug in effort to not leave ourselves vulnerable, we’ve weakened our core.  Years and years of stuffing things down and we’ve become fragile thus making us precisely what we were trying to avoid – vulnerable.

Usually we walk around constantly believing ourselves.  “I’m okay” we say.  “I’m alright”.  But sometimes the truth arrives on you and you can’t get it off.  That’s when you realize that sometimes it isn’t even an answer—it’s a question. Even now, I wonder how much of my life is convinced. – The Book Thief, Markus Zusak

Whatever you’re feeling, express it – to a friend, in a journal, in a status update – anything.   Don’t become a fragile broken thing.


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