Never hesitate to ask for help.

Not a day goes by where there isn’t a person at our school who doesn’t think about the good times they’ve had with you or where they don’t stop and think about how much they miss you. We all do. You changed our lives forever. You were such a chait person. You were a great musician, you were so smart, you always knew how to make people laugh. Do you know how much I miss you making fun of Mr. Mink? I miss being able to sit there and laugh with you about how annoying he was. I’ve always wanted to be able to play the violin like you, and I continue on in memory of you and your skills. We’ll never be able to be in a quartet together like I hoped, but you’ll forever be there to listen to my playing and give me corrections. I know you will, I can feel you there in the orchestra room with us. You know that you were in the video to show to new parents and students when they come to Pine View, right? Did you see all of the tour guides there start crying when we saw you and watched to tell everyone that you’re a Pine View student? I had to watch that four times in the same week, and I cried every single time. Just like you would have cried while seeing the last Harry Potter movie with all of your friends.

It’s been 5 months since I last saw your face. 5 months since I last talked to you. 5 months since I last saw you smile. 5 months since you’ve been gone. 5 months since you killed yourself without any warning. We would have been here for you. If only we could have seen the signs, we would have done something for you. Our school bonded together more than I’ve ever seen after hearing the news of your death, but it doesn’t feel the same without you with us. We miss you. I miss you. We love you. I love you. RIP Tahir – Forever Chait  (12/25/94-5/3/11)

If Tahir would have gone to someone, he would still be here right now. I don’t want to see anyone leave this world this way. I, as well as everyone else in OOE, am here for anyone who has the thoughts of suicide. We all care about you and want to help you. Never hesitate to ask for help.


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