Open Our Eyes presents: A Night of Conversation and Music with Falling Whistles

Society has a bad habit of twisting words and endorsing poor morals. To counteract that, it is of the utmost importance that we come together as a community and engage in honest conversation. Community allows us to form connections with people and organizations with determination to change the world.

Falling Whistles is on a mission to create peace in the Congo. Supporters are encouraged to purchase a whistle and wear it, showing that they are a whistleblower for peace. Why a whistle? In the Congo, young boys have been sent into dangerous warzones, with only a whistle to protect themselves. The Congo is ravaged by a devastating war that has taken the lives of more than six million people and that number grows daily. Children are fighting this war. This is their reality and we need to help. Falling Whistles works to help those affected by this brutal war, and they encourage you to wear a whistle and inspire more people to start talking.

Open Our Eyes is a community of people who care about understanding, treating, and helping those suffering from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other personal struggles. Four out of five teens that attempt suicide give clear warning signs. By encouraging conversation and support, Open Our Eyes is working to heal people who are going through these personal battles and showing them that their life is worth this fight.

Two different groups of people, with a common thread connecting them; the desire and motivation to help others.

On December 5th, Open Our Eyes is thrilled to present A Night of Conversation and Music with Falling Whistles. The event will take place at Serda’s Coffee in Mobile, Alabama. From 6-9 pm, join these two organizations to hear some great tunes and take part in conversation with a community of people with an attitude that will change this world.

For more information about Falling Whistles please visit:

For more information about Open Our Eyes please visit:

To RSVP to the event please visit: and click on Events on the left menu.

Hope to see you there!


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