Tears! Tears! Tears!

TEARS! tears! tears! In the night, in solitude, tears; On the white shore dripping, dripping, suck’d in by the sand; Tears—not a star shining—all dark and desolate; Moist tears from the eyes of a muffled head: —O who is that ghost?—that form in the dark, with tears? What shapeless lump is that, bent, crouch’d there on the sand? Streaming tears—sobbing tears—throes, choked with wild cries; O storm, embodied, rising, careering, with swift steps along the beach; O wild and dismal night storm, with wind! O belching and desperate! O shade, so sedate and decorous by day, with calm countenance and regulated pace; But away, at night, as you fly, none looking—O then the unloosen’d ocean, Of tears! tears! tears!

– Tears by Walt Whitman

My name is Megan. I often go by Megan-Thuy. One thing that you should know about me is that I am a literature geek. That’s actually something not many people know. Another thing not many people know, is that my favorite poet is Walt Whitman. Being the nerd that I am, I ordered the Complete Works of Walt Whitman when my parents offered my a reward for completing a daunting task. Last night, I was flipping through random pages, and came accross one of his poems, Tears.

That brings me to the third thing- no one knows about the nights I cry myself to sleep. In fact, I’m sure you can agree that many don’t know the nights you cry yourself to sleep. If you’re anything like me, you’ve cried oceans of tears one night, and the next day, went to school, or to work, or to anywhere else with a smile, and without a single sign of the pain inside of you. With that, perhaps you felt alone.

One thing that we all have in common is that we FEEL. Yes, we all react differently to situations, and can never completely understand someone else’s life and how they feel pain or deal with pain, but we can all relate in that we do feel pain. Maybe now you feel alone. Maybe you feel afraid. Remember, you’re NOT alone. Even if no one else knows what you’re going through, someone out there feels your pain. I’ve learned that the best way to rid myself of pain is to reach out to others. I encourage you to try to use any pain you’ve felt, or even still now, to relate to someone else. By doing so, you’re giving yourself purpose. You don’t even need to share your deepest darkest secrets, but if you just someone you’ve been there and find common grounds, and make an effort to cause someone to smile, or make someone feel a little less lonely, at least once a week- or if you’re an over achiever, every day- things may begin to seem brighter.

Even when we all feel alone- we’re together in that too.

Make someone smile today, even if it seems impossible to smile yourself.


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