Words hurt.

One million children were harassed, threatened, or subjected to other forms of cyberbullying in the past year.  All of this occurred primarily on Facebook.  Statistics like these make me very irritated.  Facebook wasn’t meant to be a website where you could insult a person but hide behind a computer screen.  The September 2009 AP-MTV Study (can be found at http://www.athinline.org/MTV-AP_Digital_Abuse_Study_Executive_Summary.pdf) found that middle-school cyberbullying victims are more apt to commit suicide.  The survey found that 8% of cyberbulllying victims have considered ending their own life compared to 3% of people who have not been bullied.  Sites like Facebook shouldn’t be used to hurt others; if that was the point, it would be called social harassing, not social networking.  Cyberbullying is something that most people might just brush off.  They might say, “Oh, it’s just the Internet, it doesn’t mean a thing,” or, “Just ignore it.”  Easier said than done, right?  Word hurt, whether said in person or through a mean message.  When you’re angry with a friend, refrain from writing a mean status directed towards them, or don’t send that message full of rude and unnecessary words.  Watch what you say.  Words are words, and words hurt.

Much love,


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