So maybe it’s a bit odd to be making a post about this particular man.

He’s not exactly the poster child for warmth or positivity and both of his musical projects deal with dark subject matter that leaves nothing untouched.

But before this man released seven albums on a big label, toured the world, got married to the love of his life and had a beautiful baby boy, he was an addict.

By the time wiL Francis was in eighth grade, he was out of school, heavily addicted to drugs and living on the streets. He ultimately hit rock bottom and went through several failed suicide attempts.

“When you try and kill yourself and fail, all of a sudden, you’re underneath the rock bottom you thought you were living in. Failure doesn’t even describe the feeling. If you have tried suicide and have not succeed then you know what I am talking about. It’s a feeling I don’t wish on the worst of my enemies.”

Being arrested and jailed was his wake up call, and he finally made the decision to get sober on September 9th, 1999 after he was arrested. Not long after treatment, wiL joined Aiden, and that ‘s when he said ‘things started to happen’. People were coming to their shows, singing the words, labels were interested, other bands wanted to take them on tour. They signed to Victory Records and the dream wiL had had since childhood had finally come true.

“I wanted a band that could unite the disenfranchised youth of the world together in a room where everyone is singing and in our hearts we all belong, no matter the color of our skin, or the creed from which we came.”

As dark and controversial his lyrics might be, wiL believes in hope and love and that anything his possible. He’s been sober for twelve years and has a beautiful family, and has just released a new EP as part of his solo project.

Bottom line is, no matter who you are or what you’ve done, you have the ability to turn your entire life around and do something amazing for yourself.

Nobody is a lost cause. You just have to hold on a little longer and find the strength within yourself.

You have the ability to reach your dreams.

Never ever give up.


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