Mailed out a Christmas present today.


Audrey Hepburn picture book.

Michael Jackson Silly Bandz – Glow in the dark and in glitter.

A book with little bits of encouragement on each page.

Next package is for my best friend, and I only got her one very large thing since I spent the last of my graduation money on her birthday present a few weeks ago.


The Complete Writer’s Kit.

(Which I’m so ordering for myself.)

Bottom line is, I love giving gifts.

I love skyping with my best friend as soon as she receives her package and seeing her facial expression as she opens the box.

I love making people happy.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

You don’t have to spend a lot or drown yourself in debt to make another person happy…

They’ll be happy with little things, trust me.

So remember that when you’re out shopping!

Keep their interests and favorite things in mind.

And if it’s for your/a/the boy, make sure you lipstick kiss the card.

(Trust me, he’ll die. Haha.)



It’s not officially Christmas until you hear this song.


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