We’re going on the road!

We’re going out on the road this month.  We’ve been asked by friends we’ve met over the past three years to join them at local shows, youth events, community centers,  etc. to speak about our community.  This month it’s finally happening.  We will be traveling to Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida.  If you’re in these states and would like to host an event for us, send an email to megan@ooecommunity.com.
To make this successful, we need YOUR help.  You can do this in the following ways…
PRAYER.  Please pray for the safety of our team while traveling.  Also pray that God opens hearts to be receptive of our message.  Pray for the needs of the communities we’re visiting.  We will post these needs on our Twitter: @openoureyes.
FINANCIAL.  We can’t do this without your financial support.  Our expenses for the tour total $1200 and so far we’ve raised almost 1/4th of that.  You can help by purchasing items from our store: http://www.openoureyes.bigcartel.com.  You can also simply make donations through Paypal using the email address brittny@ooecommunity.com.

We thank you in advance for anything you’re able to give whether it’s through prayer or finances.  Both are equally important.  We also thank you for being a part of our community.  We’re so blessed to be given the opportunity to travel to so many of you this month.  ❤

Now we are working together to give birth to a new society within the shell of the old. Another world is possible. Another world is necessary. Another world is here. – Shane Clairborne


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