What Tim Tebow Taught Me.

I’m not much of a football gal, but the name that seems to be in everybody’s mouth and on every sports network, is Tim Tebow.

But why? What is it that sets Tim Tebow apart from his teammates, from other players?

His faith. All my life I’ve seen football players smear black under their eyes. I never questioned it. However, I never really thought I would see a player write a bible verse under his. John 16:33 was the verse, and it was etched in bold silver against the black on his face. After dozens of cameras zoomed in and pictures were put up online, the verse was googled by approximately 92 million people. Still, I didn’t question it. It made me happy to see such an influential human being proudly display his faith. In addition to the bible verses, Tim Tebow is also known for what magazines, newspapers, networks, and the Internet refer to as ‘Tebowing’.

So what if he prays during the game? I must pray so many times during school, or when I’m out. I think a lot of us do. I personally do it quietly in my car. Tim does it publicly, for the millions of TV viewers and the thousands of people in the stands. People have even posted pictures of themselves ‘Tebowing’ on their Facebook, on their Twitter accounts. But it’s done in a mocking way. Why? What’s wrong with being public about what we believe in? Tons and tons of people are public about their faith, but it really only takes one famous football player to bring that fact into the spotlight. What Tim Tebow has taught me, is that we should never be ashamed of what we like, love, or believe in, whether it be faith or orientation or an organization. We should always be one hundred percent ourselves, even if fifty cameras are on us and reporters are surrounding us. We don’t have to be ashamed.



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