Picture Perfect Isn’t Perfect

“If nothing goes wrong, then how will it feel right?”

Picture perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong and you’re living life just as you do every other day. Nothing ever changes. Everything is grand.

The reality is, things do go wrong sometimes. Maybe you failed a class that you needed in order to get a job in your selected career field. Maybe you cut ties with a friend that you’ve been close to for years. Maybe your parents just got divorced and the world you’ve known forever comes crashing down on you. Things aren’t always picture perfect.


Sometimes we need things to go wrong in order for us to see what’s best for us. Maybe you needed to change career choices in order to be happier later on. Maybe that friend wasn’t a good influence on you and cutting ties allowed you to find better, more encouraging friends. Even though at the time, the bad things probably feel terrible, just know that it’s not the end of the story. The bad or scary times teach us lessons. Perfection goes beyond the snapshot of time held inside the picture frame. We need the bad to get to the good.


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