Own Your Independence

The other day, I texted a friend of mine. I really just kind of needed to vent to someone. This guy was acting like a real jerk and I had finally told him to just stop calling me. A little while into the conversation between my friend and I, I said, “I need a good boy. I’m tired of these crappy ones.” She replied, “Don’t be upset. You don’t *need* a boy. You’re a whole person. You don’t need anyone to be complete.”

I thought about it. This is so true. You are your own person. Constantly worrying about a significant other is not fun. You don’t NEED one to have fun or to be happy. If you’re actively looking, you’re going to get  frustrated and lower your standards. Keep your standards high. Don’t let your guard down.

I feel like Kelly Clarkson’s song “Miss Independent” sums it up pretty well. Don’t let anyone stand in your way. Don’t let just anyone in. You’re “self-sufficient.” When the time is right, it will just happen. Until then, OWN your independence. 🙂


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