This Is Community

Last week, a police officer in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama was killed in the line of duty. Today was his funeral.

All around the city, drivers had their headlights on all day and flags were flown at half mast out of respect for fallen Officer Steven Green. His funeral procession went on as far as you could see, with both fellow officers and civilians who had never even met him. Officers traveled from as far as Chicago and New York for the service. The service itself was so packed that the building was overflowing. Complete strangers have filled up a notebook with signatures and messages for his family. All of these people had all gathered because this man was doing something great for his community and they wanted to thank him. This is a community. Friends, family, and strangers who are coming together in a time of need to share sorrow and encouragement. We couldn’t make it without our communities.

RIP Officer Steven Green. Thank you for your incredible service. You will be missed.

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