The Internal Things.

We go through far more than we let on. More so, we let others perceive us in a way that is often completely parallel to reality. It doesn’t take more than a thirty-second conversation or even a passing glance for others to decide exactly who you are and what you are all about.

Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time; I don’t care. There are far too many important things to be focused on than what people walking down the street or in my English class have to think or say about me.

Sometimes, however, that teeny point one percent will creep up and tap me on the shoulder and tell me to look around.

So, I do.

It’s depressing to know that you do not – and probably never will – fit in with your peers. It’s disappointing to know they perceive your fashion sense as ‘morbid’ or ‘weird’. It’s disheartening to know that others believe that you are unapproachable or unfriendly.

For those reading; I assure you there is a lovely light at the end of your tunnel and you will more than likely make beautiful friends who care none of how you dress or act and build strong relationships throughout your life. Having one or two close friends is a great thing and things can only go uphill from there.

But for the other part of the readers who, like me, find themselves alienated because of such perceptions  and find themselves disliking it greatly…don’t fret. Use the time you spend alone in your room to create. Write a novel, paint marvelously lush landscapes, learn to play the guitar, start a youtube channel. Chances are, the universe wants you to have as much time as possible for you to use your gift and create something that will make a large impact on the world.

“When life leaves you alone, take that loneliness and turn it into something beautiful.”



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