There are two fates for addicts: sobriety or death.

I still think about it.  It’s been two years and eighteen days since I felt the sting of a needle in my arm and I still think about it.  More often than I’d like to admit.  Some days are harder than others, the past few days in particular.  This community is what keeps me going.

Over the past month, we’ve asked addicts to share their stories with us.  Next week we will begin posting them.  The first one is from Matt Burke, who just recently celebrated six months of sobriety.  Here’s a preview:

If anything, these 6 months have really brought me closer within myself. It has given me time to truly understand myself and understand what I want from this life. I want to accomplish a lot of things and I think sobering up was step 1 in the process. 

If you’re interested in being interviewed by us or sharing your story, email



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