We are alive.

I used to believe that everyone deserved help; everyone but myself. It wasn’t until recently I realized that I can’t live in a shoe box when I could be out making a difference.

Maybe your idea of making a difference is working at a shelter, raising awareness for your favorite cause, or lending a hand to someone who needs to be lifted up. We all have different things to offer to the world. The thing is, only some of us realize it. Many of us don’t even want to accept that there IS a reason we’re here, no matter how big or small that reason may be. Too many people with gifts and talents are left alone to wait. We wait for anything; a person, a place, a reason or rhyme. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

You can’t save someone else if you can’t save yourself. The smallest changes pull you towards a different road and away from the path that’s left you stranded. Start reading the newspaper. Wear a different type of clothes. Listen to music you aren’t used to. Go watch a comedy. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Take risks. Step back for a moment and see the world in a different view. Soar to the eye of a bird or step down to the perspective of an ant.


Life is tough. I’ve seen and experienced too much for the short amount of time I’ve been here. I’ve lost hope. I’ve been scared. I still get lost in the midst of things. I still have bad days and regret the past. I still feel lonely quite often. But there are several people and things that my heart is grateful for, even if my mind tries to convince me otherwise. There is a future that keeps hope alive. I have dreams buried somewhere in the mess. I love and miss, count blessings and cry. But I am alive, and that’s the biggest gift.


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