We’ve always believed that music has a way of bringing people together. Maybe strangers that are just singing the same song, or maybe a friend that starts singing a song exactly when you need it. That’s what happened to me one day, and she didn’t even realize it.

It was September 29, 2010. The second anniversary of my cousin’s suicide, but I had kept it to myself. We were standing in the school auditorium because it was raining too hard to have marching band practice outside. The whole room was quiet just as we finished one of our songs, and my best friend started singing “You Be the Anchor that Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I’ll be the Wings that Keep Your Heart in the Clouds” out of nowhere. I had never heard her listen to anything like that before, so I was amazed. I just looked at her and started bawling because that song had always reminded me of him. We stood there in the middle of the auditorium and she just let me cry for a little while. With that little line of that song, I was able to completely open up to her about what I was feeling at that very moment. Music has a way of doing that. You don’t even have to talk to convey thoughts or feelings. It’s really amazing.


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