When I fourteen, I was pulled up on stage at a show in front of a huge crowd by someone who was a positive figure in my life at the time.

He stopped the song, took my hand, and said this to me,

“There’s something you need to know before I go, you’re special. And the world can be very hard on special things. They’ll pick on you, hit you, diagnose you and develop you. And there will be days where you wish everyone was like you, so that things would be easier. But that’s how they think, they spend everyday wishing everything was the same and it’s that wish that keeps them from being special.

So when they come at you with their knives out, you just smile and forgive them. Because ordinary people say hello and goodbye, but nothing that’s special can ever die.”

I hope it resonates with you on some level or at least makes you think. I never forgot it, and I mentally recite on those days where I feel like I’ll never fit in.

The most important thing to take from this, is that you don’t have to seek anyone else’s approval.

Be yourself. Love yourself.




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