Hide a bit of hope, somewhere safe and fireproof.

I know I would apologize, if I could see those eyes
‘Cause when you showed me yourself, you know, I became someone else
But I was caught in between all I wish for and all I need
Maybe you’re not even what it’s for
Any more than me
May God’s love be with you

I’ve recently become somewhat obsessed with this song. This past month has been nothing less than what you’d consider a rollercoaster ride, and I sometimes question whether I’m even in the right world to find the path my life was meant to take. People seem to come and go but the only thing that remains is who I am and who I’ve become. If there would be one thing I can guarantee and promise to myself, it would be that I will never change in order to fit in somewhere or build a relationship with someone else. Even three years from now, my view will be very different from the view I have now. Even if I’m seeing from a different perspective, it should be with the same set of eyes.

Sometimes it takes a good kick to fall back into place, and sometimes a simple reminder that you’re never alone does the trick. Every single day, I mentally list 2-3 things that prove how God remains here and I’m never out of His sight. They could be simpler things, such as a random text right when I need it or crossing paths with a butterfly that catches my eye. Every once in a while, though, remarkable things happen. They may be small in themselves, but the impact can be strong enough to overpower the negative if you choose to make it that way. If you really and truly want something to be changed, you have to hide a bit of hope somewhere safe and fireproof. You can only realize the purity and beauty of your heart if you shield and listen to its voice.


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