People are not mirrors.

Many of us have struggled with self-image issues at some point, and with increase in social media and the setting of higher standards, it’s becoming a very predominant problem. The range of age of those struggling is becoming wider and wider.  The issue is growing, but not becoming any less severe or serious than it ever has been.

A lot of times, it’s pushed aside as a “phase” or simply an act for attention. The thing these people don’t understand is that it isn’t just “grown out of”. One problem causes another, and a lot of times, a few cruel words can spiral into an inescapable mess of depression and hopelessness.

I’ve always been extremely aware of society’s impact on young women and men. It’s extremely frightening to fall into a place where you’re happy with nothing and start relying on last resorts. The only thing we can really do is to show the world that nothing is impossible. A lot of the things we’re insecure about, nobody else notices. If there is something about yourself that you desperately want to change, take the SAFE path. Don’t go to extremes that will leave you in a worse place than you started in. Human beings are not mirrors. The things that you are insecure about are probably perfect in someone else’s eyes. The first step to being happy is loving you for who you are.


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