We need you to join our community.

We’re continuously finding ways to engage in our mission but it’s becoming a lot of work for just the three of us.  We need your help.  Would you be interested in dedicating approximately ten hours each week and being a part of our community?
To join our team, you must be at least 18 years old and able to make a one year commitment.  Everyone in the community volunteers their time and talents; therefore there is no monetary compensation.  Listed below are the positions we’re currently looking for.  If you’re interested in any of these and would like to know what it would entail or have questions, please email brittny@ooecommunity.com.
Social Media Coordinator 
Community Outreach Coordinator 
High School Relations Coordinator
University Relations Coordinator
Music Outreach Coordinator
Dear Skye Mentor (www.dearskye.com)
There are no hurdles you have to jump over in order to be chosen for any of these positions.  You simply need to be familiar with and in complete support of our mission, as well as have a desire to be a plugged into authentic community.  Send Brittny (brittny@ooecommunity.com) an email with a little information about yourself and what position you’re interested in.

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