Karen Huff Klein Bullying Video

Click here to read the post and watch the video 

Bullying is one of the things that so many people endure and/or witness, yet it goes nearly unnoticed in comparison to its relevance. Starting in elementary school, kids are teased for tiny things such as their grades, clothes, and age. And from there, it doesn’t seem to go away. Teasing and name-calling can turn into physical harm and harassment. And as you see here, it doesn’t always go away over time.

It astounds me that not a single student on that bus stood up for Karen. This was a middle school bus, so the students were between the ages of 11-14. All it takes is one person to intervene and things could’ve not gotten as bad as it did. Even worse, the bus driver allowed this to happen without saying a single word to the kids who were tearing her apart.

YouTuber Shane Dawson’s good friend, Bree Essrig, filmed a video response that basically sums everything up. This lady did not do anything to deserve the treatment she got. Not everyone feels empowered enough to stand up for themselves. Too many people stand by and watch and listen as if nothing is even happening.

This time, something good came out of this situation in the end. Karen Klein now has over half a million dollars in donations to go on vacation and retire. The kids who were bullying her are “facing disciplinary actions”. And still, just because something good came out of the situation doesn’t mean the situation itself was okay. Millions of kids and adults go through this daily with no attention at all.


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