Freedom: Samira Amen-Fawaz

Oprah Winfreytalks about how we go through life and often hear a “whisper” in our ears. At times, the whispers get louder, give a thump upside the head, throw a brick at us or have the entire wall crumble down before we notice it and say, “Oh, so that was God talking to me?” I believe she is right. God has whispered to me for years now and I never quite understood the whispers, but always felt His presence. I know He has remained by my side during my most difficult times and has held my hand through many trying days.

Many may not agree with my decision; saying they feel it’s a form of oppression while others simply speak because they do not understand my faith or reasoning to wear hijab (headscarf).  Wearing the hijab does not make me less of a woman; in fact, it empowers me, giving me strength and comfort.  I feel it brings me closer to my creator.  Hijab is a form of modesty and piety, as we seek to emulate the extraordinary qualities of the Holy Virgin Mary, the most pious of all women.  What makes my decision any different than that of a Catholic nun, committing herself to God or an Amish woman modestly dressed, or Sikh in a turban or a Jew wearing a yarmulke?  It is our personal expression of faith and closeness to a higher power.  One’s connection to their deity should always be respected; globally.

I am a proud to be an American Muslim. I have gained a new confidence and feel at greater peace with my inner struggles. I embrace my faith, my country and my hijab with great honor and pride. My decision is one that gives me great joy. By no means does wearing the hijab make you a better Muslim than the next, I just feel this personal choice will keep me close with God during my struggles and remind me that He is with me always and that I should remember to thank Him daily. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God)!

-Samira Amen-Fawaz

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