Love is more than a romance movie.

When I heard the theme of February was relationships/being single, a good amount of things wanted to spew out of my mouth, but all I can really say is: I finally understand.


I never understood what a romantic relationship really was because I have been single my whole life. I still currently am single.


All I had to define what a relationship was, was the movies I had watched and books I had read. I had been caught in the web that was fictional romance.


After years, I am finally free.


While I’m still single, there are many people in my life who aren’t and who have healthy relationships with their significant other. Why haven’t I looked at them before now? Why did I only go to the movies or books to figure it out?


I am a film student. I graduate in two months and I’m glad I can say that I’ve learned a lot about how to make a film and what all the positions go through in order for that movie to come to life. I love lighting in movies—but never ask me to light a set because I will be lost. I especially love how great the lighting is in romance movies, mainly because it’s so “realistic”. (Total sarcasm.)


But you know, for a while I thought it was realistic.


There is no way that when people embrace and sleep together that the light suddenly turns dramatic out of nowhere and the woman has a nice backlight while the catch light is perfect in her lover’s eyes.


Why did it take me so long to figure out that I have plenty of couples in my life that I can get advice from about relationships? Now that I’ve started to look at them and talk to them, I’ve learned so much. Like how important communication is, but how hard it is to actually do at times. Like how you need to laugh ALL THE TIME or how dates are still important after marriage.


I’m not saying I now have it all figured out and my future relationship will be the most perfect one on the earth and everyone should just watch us blossom. Not at all. It’ll be far from it actually. But I am saying that if we just stopped for one second and just watched all the other relationships in our lives, we’d learn more in that one second than we could by watching five romance movies in a row—and that’s about 450 minutes.


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