Artist Feature: Allison Weiss

Words by Elizabeth Tolbert

Bursting with honesty and passion, Allison Weiss manages to paint an accurate picture of life as it happens through her music. A writer at heart, her lyrics capture the sometimes messy and sometimes beautiful ways that life unfolds around her. With her unique mixture of folk and powerpop, she has built up a loyal fanbase over the last few years and has earned the respect of her peers. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Weiss began her career on a DIY basis by launching two successful Kickstarter campaigns. These fundraisers helped her gain features in the New York Times and Wired magazine, as well as being offered a panelist position at SXSW. She then self-released her EP ‘I Was An Island’. As a result of her natural talent and effective work ethic, Weiss was handpicked by Lou Reed as a member of his backup band for his European Tour. The experience greatly inspired Weiss and helped her grow as a musician and a person, a lesson that is evident throughout her new album ‘Say What You Mean’. Weiss has kept busy this year by touring with Chad Gilbert of NFG and Candy Hearts and by securing a spot on this summer’s Warped Tour. It would be a mistake to miss out on the journey her music invites, so make sure to check out her music here.


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