Single Review: Tonight Alive “The Ocean”

Words by Angela English

Tonight Alive recently released their new single “The Ocean” from their greatly anticipated new album ‘The Other Side’ which is to be released this coming September. “The Ocean” is our first chance to hear the band’s new work and they haven’t failed to impress, that’s for sure. The Australian quintet has reached the very top of the bar in terms of talent and standard with this new song.

The Aussie band certainly picked a good track as their first single, it most definitely doesn’t disappoint. While the track is not unile their old work, it certainly has a new feel to it-something fans can enjoy. It contains moving, relatable lyrics and a catchy beat, with vocalist Jenna McDougall showing off her talents once more. The band are growing and changing and their music is growing and changing with them, and in a way fans can appreciate Tonight Alive’s growth. The lyrics are inspired by Jenna’s painful battle with eczema and depression and her emotional healing process. The track shows that even though they have grown a lot as musicians, the young band is still eager to push their sound and talents to the limits and experiment in order to stand out in the pop-punk industry, something they most certainly achieved.

“The Ocean” is a good introduction to their new album release and it will certainly keep fans on edge as they wait for the arrival of ‘The Other Side’. If the single is anything to go by then Tonight Alive’s new album will most definitely be a huge success for the band.

Be sure to check out the new single here. Tonight Alive are also offering a free download of “The Ocean” on their website.


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