Band Feature: HAIM

Words by Angela English

Although having been in the music industry for the past four years, it’s only now that band HAIM, consisting of “three sisters and a mister” have made their way into the spotlight. The three sisters, Este, Danielle and Alana grew up playing classic rock songs with their parents in a family band. Este, the eldest of the three, plays bass guitar, Danielle, is the lead guitarist who recently toured with artists such Cee-lo Green and Jenny Lewis, and Alana, the youngest of the three sisters, plays rhythm guitar, keyboard and percussion. The sisters’ talents don’t stop with instruments as the three also sing a three part harmony. The man of the band, Dash Hutton, is the drummer who once upon a time played for LA bands Wires on Fire and Slang Chickens.

Having toured with the likes of Mumford & Sons and Florence + The Machine and their 2012 EP ‘Forever’ being a huge success, HAIM have become one of this year’s hottest bands. HAIM have received nothing but high praise in regards to their live performances and keeping their crowds entertained at shows, which seems to be boosting the band’s confidence immensely. While we all sit in anticipation for the arrival of HAIM’s album, rumors spread like wild fire on why it hasn’t been released yet, the latest being that the album is now recorded and is only waiting on a few finishing touches.

HAIM have their own distinct sound which is shown off throughout their EP, which contains three tracks with unusual yet captivating rhythms and moving lyrics. ‘Forever’ opens with the sisters harmonizing in “Better Off”, followed by “Forever” which opens with drums before expanding into something different. The EP is finished off with the track “Go Slow”, which shows off the sisters mesmerizing vocal skills. HAIM have also recently released an EP titled ‘Falling’ which features the original song of the same title and three remixes.

HAIM have a sound like no one but themselves and are sure to be one of this summer’s biggest bands, taking their many stages by storm.

Keep up with HAIM on facebook and check them out on soundcloud.


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