Single Review: 78Violet “Hothouse”

Words by Paige Kochanski

After five years away from the music scene, Aly & AJ, are back as 78Violet. Spending 2012 writing & recording the album, the duo has released the first single, “Hothouse”.

The lead single brings on a new approach and maturity with a whimsical, breathy tone to the vocals while instrumentally staying airy and exotic. The break taken from music to focus on acting has benefited the band on the creative side, by exploring an alternative experimental sound and branching out from the bubble-gum pop of hits like “Potential Breakup Song” and “Like Whoa” that began the musical careers of the two. It allowed the group to reinvent themselves to a more distinct sound that seems much more suitable and fitting for them. Though full details of the next album have not been released, the group has said that this single shows the overall direction that it will follow.

To leave the music industry for five years and come back, the first single has a lot of pressure on it, from both fans and critics alike. Recreation isn’t easy, but 78Violet have managed to complete the task gracefully with “Hothouse”. The new song appeals universally to old fans while introducing themselves to a new side of the music world and creating something that’s both interesting and intriguing.

Get 78Violet’s “Hothouse” on iTunes and stay up to date with the band on Twitter and Facebook. Check out the video for “Hothouse” below.


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