Band Feature: letlive.

Words by Sarah Hoffman

Currently, no other band in the music industry can make use of a stage quite like LA natives letlive. A nearly palpable energy radiates from lead singer Jason Butler as he runs across the stage belting the words to their songs and nearly destroying everything in his path. Letlive’s fast-paced, aggressive songs give support to these high-energy performances that will often leave a crowd speechless. With the release of their long anticipated second album ‘The Blackest Beautiful’, singer Jason Butler, bassist Ryan Jay Johnson, and guitarists Jeff Sahyoun and Jean Nascimento have recently taken on a rebellious stance, pointing out flaws in modern society and facing hypocrisy head on in their lyrics. It is obvious the band’s sound has become a melting pot of genres, taking on hardcore, punk, metal, and even a little jazz and R&B to formulate a unique aggressive but melodic sound that is sure to quickly capture anyone’s attention. Keep an eye out for the dynamic four-piece who are sure to make waves in the music industry.

Keep up with letlive. on facebook.


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