Album Review: Selena Gomez ‘Stars Dance’

Words by Elizabeth Tolbert

‘Stars Dance’ is Selena Gomez’s fourth studio album and her first real solo effort. Full of synthesized vocals and dance-driven beats, ‘Stars Dance’ is fun to listen to and even more fun to dance to. Gomez has clearly pushed herself to experiment with ‘Stars Dance’ and it is arguably her best album to date.

“Birthday” is the most diverse track in Gomez’s repertoire and sets the tone for the entire album. The track has an old-school hip-hop/jazz influence while still maintaining its youthful and fun appeal. Current single “Slow Down” keeps in line with the dance theme that makes up the core of ‘Stars Dance’ but includes more electronic synths than “Birthday”. The standout song of the album is “Stars Dance”, and it’s easy to see why this song was chosen as the title track. Featuring a cello and a darker melody, “Stars Dance” remains unique but is sure to be a huge pop hit. It’s obvious that the next two songs, “Like A Champion” and “Come & Get It” were written with other singers in mind. Unlike first single “Come & Get It” however, “Like A Champion” does not translate well with Gomez’s vocal style and would have been better executed by someone like Rihanna. “Forget Forever” sounds like a dressed-up version of a Taylor Swift song, which is not an altogether bad move. The second half of the album dives even deeper into the dance/pop genre that Gomez is exploring. “Save the Date” and “B.E.A.T.” will be right at home in a dance club, while “Write Your Name” and “Undercover” are slightly heavier in sound but still upbeat enough to keep people moving. The album ends with the piano driven track “Love Will Remember”, the slowest-paced of all the songs on “Stars Dance”.

Gomez has crafted an album that is more mature in content and sound than her previous records. ‘Stars Dance’ is fun and danceable but still maintains quality songwriting and shows Gomez’s ever-growing diversity. ‘Stars Dance’ entices the listener to move and no one will be able to sit still while listening to it.


Purchase ‘Stars Dance’ on Itunes and check out the video for “Slow Down” below.


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