Single Review: Moving Mountains “Chords”

Words by Paige Kochanski

The time that all Moving Mountains fans have been patiently waiting two years for is almost here, the release of the band’s self-titled album. 2013 marks eight years for the New York natives and the newest album will follow-up Waves released in 2011 and the debut, Pneuma. To lead up to the September 10th drop, the band has been releasing “Telegraph Sessions” videos of each song in lieu of singles or album versions.

“Chords” is the eighth session. From the first chord, no pun intended, we’re transported to the idyllic, smooth rock Moving Mountains does best. Instrumentally, each note rolls off the other seamlessly into the next, creating a song that can be replayed over and over in a loop, and yet the layers of depth are noticeable as the ears catch different pieces. The song plays on the indie sounds that seem to be everywhere lately. Though it’s not the final album version, it adds more anticipation for the real thing and questions if and how it’ll differ from this song and others that we’ve already heard.

Moving Mountains self-titled album is out September 10 through Triple Crown Records. Check out the Telegraph Sessions video for “Chords” below!


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