Single Review: Zedd ft. Hayley Williams “Stay The Night”

Words by Elizabeth Tolbert

Electro-pop dj and producer Zedd has made a name for himself with his collaborations with female singers. His biggest hit “Clarity” featured vocals by Foxes and his song “Fall Into The Sky” included British pop singer Ellie Goulding. This time, Zedd has teamed up with Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams on his new song “Stay The Night”.

Zedd’s synth driven music for “Stay The Night” is not as creative as his work on “Clarity” and provides a somewhat generic background for Williams’ voice. However, it does not distract from the focus on the lyrics and Williams’ impressive vocal talent. A departure from the pop/rock sound of Paramore, her vocals soar around the melody of this track. The stand out quality for “Stay The Night” is the way Williams’ combines both her vocal style and the emotions of the song to produce a connection not often found in dance music. Zedd uses vocal effects subtly throughout the song to add an extra finesse to the piano and synth-driven track. “Stay The Night” is characteristic of Zedd’s work in that it is a dance song with heart, and it is sure to be a huge hit.


Pick up “Stay The Night” on Itunes and stream the track here!


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