Bands To Watch: Affiance

Words by Cassie Burke

Finally, a driven metal group with good heads on their shoulders and a clear-sighted view on what they want to achieve as a band. Affiance, named so for their trust and devotion to each other in the face of adversity, certainly have encountered obstacles in the 6 years that they’ve been together since forming in 2007. As they’ve gained momentum in the rock world, the band has endured a broken van, ruined trailer tires, and excruciating kidney stones. Loyal to each other and their fans, these hardships have fueled their explosive passion for rock music.

The Cleveland-born quintet, which formed in 2007, have turned out 2 albums with New Jersey label Bullet Tooth records, after self-releasing their 6-track EP, ‘Calm Before the Storm,’ in 2008. Their sophomore album, ‘The Campaign’ was produced by Carson Slovak (August Burns Red, Texas in July) and features a guest appearance by Dustin Davidson of August Burns Red.) Their music has the metal-core energy that you can mosh to without sacrificing melody and engaging lyrics. Front man, Dennis Tvrdik pushes his voice to the limit with solid vocals while the band backs him up with clean cut guitars and drums.

In the past, Affiance has been known to have politically charged lyrics, which poke at flaws in American politics. Front man, Dennis Tvrdik commented on their goal as a band, stating that although they’re “easy going, good time dudes,” they are also “dead serious about making positive change in the world around [them].”
After releasing ‘The Campaign,’ Tvrdik compared it to their previous record, writing, ‘The Campaign’ is multiple levels above ‘No Secret Revealed’ in every area. The vocals, the drums, the guitars, the recording quality, the song structure, the variety… We couldn’t be happier or more confident with a sophomore album. It almost feels like we skipped a release between the two albums! There is not a doubt in my mind that this will be a game changer for us and will open many doors to opportunities otherwise closed off from us.”

Indeed it did open doors for the band. Months after the release of ‘The Campaign,’ they were offered a chance to tour with Killswitch Engage as their opening act. This has proven to be a landmark in their ascent into the rock world, despite their difficulties in keeping up with the high maintenance world of touring.
Genuinely friendly and modest, these dudes are a band to look out for within the next few years. If you have a chance to see them live, I’d highly recommend you did—it was, after all, their live performance in the middle of a hurricane that won the Bullet Tooth records over.

Check out Affiance on Facebook.


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