Artists to Watch: Atmosphere

Words by Jade Smith

Hailing from Minneapolis, Atmosphere has grown to be one of the biggest names in underground hip hop. Atmosphere began when founders Sean Daley and Derek Turner were still in high school, originally as “Mental Subjects”. After undergoing both member and name changes, the group solidified the lineup of rapper Sean Daley (Slug) and DJ/producer Anthony Davis (Ant). Since then, Atmosphere has toured relentlessly across North America. The group is part of Rhymesayers Entertainment, an independent hip hop label out of Minneapolis that Sean Daley helped create.

The ingenious collaborations between Slug and Ant are the reason Atmosphere has such a huge, die-hard fan base. Daley paints pictures with his lyrics, incorporating provocative metaphors and symbolism. Producer Davis lays the canvas, putting down the foundation for each song in the form of beats on every album. Together, Daley and Davis create unique masterpieces unlike what most rap enthusiasts have ever heard. With six albums and ten EPs under their belt, such as ‘Lucy Ford’, ‘The Family Sign’, and ‘When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold’, Atmosphere have become unstoppable. One of their most popular albums, ‘When Life Gives You Lemons…’ features hits like “Yesterday”, “Guarantees”, and “Puppets”. Listeners of hip hop artists like Mos Def, Aesop Rock, and Common, should check out Atmosphere as soon as possible (if they haven’t already).

With the July release of their single “Bob Seger”, Atmosphere is rumored to release their next full length in late 2013. Atmosphere’s music is available on iTunes , as well as on Spotify.

Check out the video for their newly-released single, “Bob Seger” below.


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