Album Review: Panic! At the Disco ‘Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die’

Words by Angela English

It’s needless to say that Panic!at the Disco sure know how to keep things interesting, once again bringing us an album completely different to the last. Inspired by lead singer Brendon Urie’s hometown of Las Vegas, ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die’ certainly contains all of the excitement that would be found in Vegas.

The band went for a more pop rock approach with this album, with opening track “This is Gospel” instantly capturing the attention of any listener. There’s no mistaking Urie’s unique vocals and with great drum work from long time member Spencer Smith, the track will hold your interest long enough to bring you on the next, and first, single off the album “Miss Jackson”. “Miss Jackson” also holds more impressive work from Smith and extremely infectious lyrics to have anyone singing along.

Although the album has many highs, it also holds a few lows with some of the tracks not holding as much excitement as expected considering the title and the city they were inspired by. Songs such as “Vegas Lights” and “Girl That You Love” are just too repetitive to be enjoyed. However, tracks such as “Nicotine” and “Collar Full” are so infectious and upbeat, they’ll have you hooked and make you forget the duds of the album. Panic! choose a surprising track to finish with, “The End of All Things”, which is slower than the rest of the song but also enjoyable.

With such an addicting opening and unique ending, it’s clear to say that this band have never been and never will be scared to try new things. Even though this album has gotten many mixed reviews, I can certainly say that it is enjoyable and, although quite different, any Panic! fan will enjoy the band’s new album and their growth as musicians.

Pick up ‘Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die’ on Itunes.


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