Album Review: Haim ‘Days Are Gone’

Words by Leigh Eron

Indie and pop have come together yet again in the fun and stimulating new album, Days Are Gone, from Haim. The Los Angeles band of sisters recently released their debut, full-length album, and has continued to make a splash in the music scene. The band formed in 2006, but has made a serious impact in the last year, and Days Are Gone is sure to propel them further forward.

“The Wire” is the perfect choice for a single, immediately captivating with its underlying beat. It’s fun and a real anthem for the album, propelling listeners deeper into Days Are Gone. The upbeat tone even carries right through to the next track, “If I Could Change Your Mind,” another great party song. “Honey & I” exemplifies the sisters’ vocal talents, which have placed them among the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. “Don’t Save Me” is another unique track, drawing on the familiar sounds of the aforementioned greats. The staccato vocals and talent of drummer Dash Hutton keep the sound fresh and compelling in the modern age. The title track, “Days Are Gone,” moves the album along in the same progression, with each song building off the last. “Days Are Gone” has a bit of a retro feel, while “My Song 5” shows the roots of Haim’s management group, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. The song gives a look into the promising future of Haim, formulating the hope of a collaboration between the escalating band and the legendary rapper.

Days Are Gone is another great addition to the music world, and fans of indie, rock, and pop should be sure to give it a listen. Haim has the talent and the growing support to make it big, and with Days Are Gone, there is no reason these sisters shouldn’t be able to continue their success.

Recommended Songs:
“The Wire”
“Honey & I”
“Don’t Save Me”

Rating: 4/5


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