Bands To Watch: The Swellers

Words by Angela English

Even though they only released their first full length album in 2009, The Swellers first formed in 2002 when brothers Nick and Jonathon Diener got together with a friend and recorded some demos in their basement. By 2009 the band, including members Anto Boros and Ryan Collins, had joined with the Fueled By Ramen label and had began doing tours with bands such as Paramore and The Vans Warped Tour. They released their first full length album, ‘Ups and Downsizing’, later that year which lead to them achieving international recognition and worldwide touring.

The Swellers followed up their first album with an incredible second album, ‘Good for Me’, which, just like ‘Ups and Downsizing’, received a lot of positive feedback from the media. Shortly after this album’s release, the band left Fueled By Ramen and ventured out on their own. They self-released a 5 track EP, ‘Running Out Of Places To Go’, embracing their free-agent status.

They eventually took up the longstanding offer that had been made to them and joined up with No Sleep Records, which has become home to some of punk, hardcore and metal’s most well-known bands around.

The band recently released their newest album in late 2013 entitled ‘The Light Under Closed Doors’ and are currently on a tour of the US since this album’s release. ‘The Light Under Closed Doors’ has received more positive feedback from critics, much like their previous work. This latest record is said to be their most relatable record yet as it speaks to fans about the hardships of growing up and how to learn and move on from your mistakes. It’s already been an incredible year for the band and we can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Check out The Swellers’ facebook for tour dates and pick up ‘The Light Under Closed Doors’ on Itunes.


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