Bands to Watch: Citizen

Words by Leigh Eron

In the past two years, Citizen has become a growing name in the alternative rock world. The Michigan band formed as high schoolers in 2009, but have undergone a great deal of growth and change since then. Citizen signed with Run For Cover Records in 2012, and immediately began a whirlwind of tours to promote their EP, Young States. With the help of Run For Cover Records, the band was soon able to release more new music on a split EP with Virginia band, Turnover. Citizen’s sound has been compared to the Foo Fighters, Brand New, and early Nirvana. Their songs are founded in rock but embedded with intense emotion. They have also been praised for the unique “Midwestern personality” they bring to their music.

In February 2013, Citizen began recording their first full-length album, Youth, which was then released in June. The album is a range of perfectly harmonized emotions, from anger and aggression to deep melancholy and despondence. Citizen has a heavy focus on guitar and vocals that are balanced to keep the album flowing throughout. At times, the focus is the mood and experience of the music, while at others, it’s the song’s pure catchiness.

Citizen were crowd favorites at this year’s punk ‘Fest’ and have recently set out on tour with Polar Bear Club, Diamond Youth, and Sainthood Reps. Dates and tickets are available here.

Also be sure to check out Citizen on Facebook and grab their new album on iTunes here.

Photo by Ryan Russell


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