Staff Favorites: Fall Out Boy

Words by Paige Kochanski

The funniest thing about saying that a band or musician has changed your life is that it’s impossible to believe and understand until it happens to you. Sure, it’s easy to say that you listen to them daily and have all their music. But to change and affect your life in ways that made you who you are today is different. It happens coincidently and until you’re looking back on the past few years, it’s impossible to actually realize that a band has become a part of you, a subconscious habit. It becomes your soundtrack, defining pieces of your life. Some will never know the feeling of this but the lucky ones don’t take it for granted. I’m fortunate to have had this happen to me and that one band is Fall Out Boy.

Finding Fall Out Boy was completely by accident. As a young kid not knowing how to get music onto my first iPod, my dad had his catalog put on, which ended up including ‘From Under The Cork Tree’. While listening to the all the songs on shuffle, “Sophomore Slump or Comeback Of The Year” came on and the beginning of the song caught my ear. But, I only liked the first twenty seconds or so until I would change it. After about two weeks of this, I forced myself to listen to it entirely. I was immediately hooked. ‘FUCT’ replaced the Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers that used to be repeated regularly. Soon I began researching and my young self was shocked when reading that they had so much more music I hadn’t heard and immediately head to the store. As a ten year old it’s not exactly normal to be claiming you love a band with titles like “I’ve Got A Dark Alley and A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth” and was told it was a “phase that would pass”. Was it? Not even close.

Fast forward about seven years and I have the band to thank for influencing not only my decisions but my outlook. FOB is my escape, a way of finding good in every situation. All the big moments in my life, whether good or bad, have had the band in the background. Every single band that I’ve listened to in the last few years has stemmed from the Chicago four-piece. From The Academy Is… translating into The Wonder Years, it all can be traced back to something to do with Fall Out Boy. The hiatus was a roller coaster of emotions and I vividly remember the feeling of pure joy when Property Of Zack announced it was officially over, then listening to the band on the radio playing “My Songs” on Febuary 4 and confirming the news. I could never pick a favourite song or album because it becomes the same situation as with people, when you love something that much you overlook any imperfections. If it wasn’t for FOB, I wouldn’t even be writing this right now. So thanks Joe, Patrick, Pete and Andy. For being an escape when there was nobody listening and for proving that the underdogs can win. And most of all, thanks for never giving up on all the car-crash hearts. Take this to your grave, we’ll take it to ours.


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