Staff Favorites: Paramore

Words by Elizabeth Tolbert

This month on Open Our Eyes, we’re sharing our favorite bands and why we love them so much. A few weeks ago, I wrote a show review for Paramore and decided to make it more personal than my usual reviews. I’m going to write a bit more about them now and then I’ll never mention them again. Yeah, right. It’s no secret that Paramore are my favorite band. I like them an enormous amount, more than any other band or artist I listen to. It was by total chance that I discovered Paramore and it’s been one of the best happy accidents to ever happen to me.

Late in 2009, I decided to join the human race and get a Twitter account. I was only following four people, one of them being Selena Gomez. So, in order to stop seeing the same four people’s tweets, I decided to look through the people Selena Gomez was following. One of them was Hayley Williams from Paramore. I had, of course, heard of Paramore before; “CrushCrushCrush” and “Misery Business” were both on my ipod, but I had never paid much attention to them before. I decided to follow Hayley, and it just so happened to be the week that the band’s third album ‘Brand New Eyes’ was debuting. Hayley kept tweeting the link to the album stream and, in order to avoid homework, I decided to listen to it. I fell completely in love with that album. I connected with every single song in a way that I had never connected to anyone or anything else before. I started listening to more of their music, discovering more about the band, and eventually, going to their shows. Paramore opened up a whole new world of music that I hadn’t really known existed. I started listening to more and more music and getting involved in the close-knit community that thrives in these genres of music. I attribute my current intense passion for music to Paramore solely. Fast forward one year later and I had changed my major from elementary education to music industry management and journalism. Now, four years later, I’m just as big a Paramore fan as ever, more involved in the music industry than ever before, and loving every second of it. This band really did alter the course of my life for the better and I can’t thank them enough for always being there and for writing songs that continue to push me forward. We’re just getting started.

Photo by Ryan Russell


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