Staff Favorites: The Cab

Words by Leigh Eron

It’s hard to put into words when a band truly inspires you, but whenever I sit down to think about what The Cab means to me, I always find myself that much more connected to the music. I discovered The Cab in 2008, and went to my first concert of theirs shortly thereafter, on the Bamboozle Road Show. Their performance was energized and fun, and afterwards the guys were so friendly and nice that I immediately felt part of The Cab family. That was just the beginning, and I have become a fully immersed The Cab fan, especially when it hasn’t been an easy road. The Cab works incredibly hard to put out the music that excites, sooths, reassures, but most of all, inspires fans, with each poetic lyric from frontman Alexander DeLeon. From band members leaving and constant lineup changes to album releases being pushed back to self-releasing albums, The Cab has continued to be strong behind their singer-songwriter, DeLeon.

DeLeon is the most dedicated musician I have ever known. His mind is full of life and adventure, and the wisdom that comes with it. Even in his blog posts he finds ways to capture and put into words emotions that everyone has experienced or struggled with. Naturally, the same sensation transfers to his lyrics, and the musical talent that comes with Alex Marshall on piano or Dave Briggs on drums only adds to the power of The Cab.

Yet The Cab is more than the music. I mentioned a The Cab family and it’s true. The band and the fans are always welcoming and optimistic. Through all the ups and downs of the band there has been a core group of fans, eagerly awaiting the next album while supporting the time and effort the guys take to make their music. Even more so, however, is the band itself, and the time and love they dedicate to their fans. Alexander DeLeon is especially considerate of those who fuel his dreams, and he doesn’t easily forget a friendly face from a show or live chat. He works tirelessly to do what he loves and to put out amazing music that is relatable and yet fantastical at the same time.

As I listen to my favorite song, “Take My Hand,” and feel again that it’s about so much more than a surface-level, runaway love, I still don’t think I have put into words what The Cab truly means. Everyone has their own favorite artists, and for their own reasons, but that is what is amazing about music—that it is special to each person in its own way. It doesn’t matter how, and you never have to explain yourself to any other person, but when you can express your love and appreciation it only heightens what music means to you. That is what I feel every time I get the opportunity to listen to or discuss The Cab, and it truly is a powerful thing.


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