Staff Favorites: Albums of 2013

2013 collage

2013 was the year of new music; it seems like every artist in the world put out something new this year (this is a total exaggeration, of course). Here at Open Our Eyes, we’ve very kindly put together lists of our personal favorite albums from this year for your enjoyment. Check them out below!

Jade Smith (music blogger):

1. ‘Free the Universe’ Major Lazer
2. ‘Halcyon Days’ – Ellie Goulding
3. ‘Bad Blood’ – Bastille
4. ‘Beyoncé’ – Beyoncé
5. ‘good kid maad city’ – Kendrick Lamar

Paige Kochanski (music blogger):

1. ‘Save Rock and Roll’ – Fall Out Boy
2. ‘The Greatest Generation’ – The Wonder Years
3. ‘Forever Halloween’ – The Maine
4. ‘Paramore’ – Paramore
5. ‘The 1975’ – The 1975
6. ‘Stomp and Stroll’ – Big D and The Kids Table
7. ‘Kill It Live’ – New Found Glory

Leigh Eron (music blogger):

1. ‘Midnight Memories’ – One Direction
2. ‘Legendary’ – The Summer Set
3. ‘Overnight’ – Parachute
4. ‘Demi’ – Demi Lovato
5. ‘Forward’ EP – Tori Kelly
6. ‘Save Rock and Roll’ – Fall Out Boy

Elizabeth Tolbert (music blog coordinator):

1. Paramore ‘Paramore’
2. States ‘Paradigm’
3. Sky Ferreira ‘Night Time, My Time’
4. Tegan and Sara ‘Heartthrob’
5. Lorde ‘Pure Heroine’
6. Katy Perry ‘Prism’
7. Lady Gaga ‘Artpop’
8. Echosmith ‘Talking Dreams’
9. Wonder and Fury ‘Wonder and Fury’
10. Eisley ‘Currents’
11. Kitten ‘Like A Stranger’
12. Ellie Goulding ‘Halcyon Days’
13. Justin Timberlake ‘The 20/20 Experience: Parts 1 & 2’

Sarah Hoffman (music blogger/photographer):

1. Fall Out Boy- ‘Save Rock & Roll’
Quite a few Fall Out Boy fans were disappointed this year with the release of Save Rock and Roll, but I was not one of those fans. It’s a solid album with anthem hits, and it sits perfectly in their discography right behind Folie a Deux. Each track has it’s own unique sound, but they each fit together like a puzzle piece to make a complete album that I will be blasting in my car for years to come.

2. Twenty One Pilots- ‘Vessel’
I discovered this band right before Vessel came out, and this album has been on repeat ever since. It’s unconventional and unlike anything I’ve ever heard in all of the best ways.

3. Little Mix- ‘Salute’
This is the perfect female-power pop album I’ve been waiting my whole life for.

4. The Wonder Years- ‘The Greatest Generation’
This is by far the best pop-punk release this year. I can’t be the only one getting tired of albums that are almost completely comprised of of break up and mushy gushy love songs. Luckily The Greatest Generation provides a fantastic balance between love songs and relatable songs about life with lyrics that help paint portraits of each scene in your head. I expected nothing less of The Wonder Years and was not disappointed.

5. Vampire Weekend – ‘Modern Vampires of the City’
I’ve always liked Vampire Weekend but never considered myself a fan until Modern Vampires of the City was released. I can guarantee every single song on this album will get stuck in you head at one point or another.

6. One Direction- ‘Midnight Memories’
As much as people love to make fun of One Direction and their music, Midnight Memories really is a fantastic solid pop/rock album. It’s a nice progression for the boyband, and I appreciate the fact that they’ve got quite a few writing credits on this album as well.

7. Letlive. – ‘The Blackest Beautiful’
Letlive. surprised me when I discovered how much I loved their first album Fake History, and they blew me away with The Blackest Beautiful. They caught my attention with their infamous live performances, but the music clearly speaks for itself.

8. Bastille- ‘Bad Blood’
Watch out for this band in 2014. They’ve had some success in the US recently but I guarantee that they will blow up next year. The release of Bad Blood blew me away, but I expected nothing less from Bastille.

9. Justin Timberlake – ‘The 20/20 Experience’
Justin Timberlake is back.

10. The Maine- ‘Forever Halloween’
Despite the obvious progression in this direction, The Maine surprised me with the release of Forever Halloween. This is lyrically their most heartfelt and raw album yet, but each song still has that quality that makes you want to belt the words at the top of your lungs.


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