Listen to This: ‘Neon’ by Versa

Words by Elizabeth Tolbert

With the debut of their new EP ‘Neon’, Versa (formerly VersaEmerge) are exciting fans with a brand new sound. Their previous albums, while solid works of art on their own, have always had trouble standing out in a sea of pop punk sameness and seemed to just miss the mark. ‘Neon’, however, really showcases the potential that Blake Harnage and Sierra Kusterbeck are capable of achieving and presents their fans with a fresh electronic sound.

The EP begins with the title track that was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo. It has a slightly eerie, almost otherworldly quality to it. That, combined with the expert use of synths, suits Sierra’s voice in a way that their previous repertoire did not. Her vocals glide over the song in a charming and natural manner. “Illusion” brings forth more electronic synths but is the darkest of the three songs. “Wanderlust” on the other hand, has dreamy quality to it and showcases the best lyrics on the EP. Every part of this body of work feels effortless and seemingly second-nature to the band. Nothing sounds forced.  Versa are no longer trying to make themselves fit into a certain style of music; they’re creating their own. ‘

Neon’ presents a more mature sound from the duo and is clearly their best work to date. Versa have really hit their stride with this collection of songs and I’m thrilled to hear more from them in the future.

Rating: 5/5

Pick up ‘Neon’ on Itunes and keep up with Versa on Twitter.

Photo by Raul Gonzo


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