Living With Anxiety

Words by Jennifer of Young and Twenty

Panic and anxiety can seem almost impossible to explain to others. There are only so many times we can hear “just breathe;” “calm down” or “it’s not that bad”. Anxiety can numb your body and mind, making simple day-to-day tasks a challenge. Here are some suggestions to cope.

1. Write Things Down. Panic and anxiety can often be trigged by the feeling of being overwhelmed. Write a to-do list or keep a journal of your thoughts to clear your mind and give yourself the opportunity to see them in a controlled, visual perspective. Tip: take advantage of your smartphone and use the notes and checklist app for on-the-go organization.

2. Talk To Someone. Although some people like writing down the madness in their head, others like expressing it to someone willing to listen. As long as you trust that person with your thoughts, holding a conversation can really help you to relax and figure things out just by hearing them said out loud.

If you really struggle with anxiety and feel as though you’re drowning in a sea of worries, seek professional help. It can really make a difference having the opportunity to talk to a non-judgmental, third party. Professional Therapists can teach you coping skills, adjust your mentality and help you overcome your most burdening thoughts.

3. Sweat. Finding a workout that works for you can be a very productive way of releasing your inner stress. If you can’t escape your mind while running on a treadmill, find something else like a gym class, yoga, a scenic bike ride etc. Feeling better about your body will also reflect on the strength of your mind.

Remember, a healthy diet, is always alongside a good workout routine.

4. Excite Your Senses. Never underestimate the power of a smell, taste or soft touch. Decide what works best for you, whether it’s a seasonal candle, secret stash of Oreo cookies or an embarrassing pair of flannel pajamas. It’s important to excite our senses and feel a calming effect as a result.

Having something relaxing to look forward to will help get you through a stressful time. In addition to exciting your senses, excite your mind. Whether it’s a puzzle, a good book or a one-on-one with the family pet, having something that gives gratification, is crucial in everyone’s life.

5. Make ‘You’ Time. Meditation and deep breathing is said to be a very effective way to eliminate anxiety. However, if you’re not interested in learning those methods, there are still ways to make a positive use of ‘you’ time. Designate a few minutes (either in the morning at night) and sit with your eyes closed. Listen to music that makes you happy or simply sit in silence and go over your thoughts. Ensure that all thoughts are positive and reflect on the day you will have or the day you had. Creating a positive mindset will make an undeniable impact on how you see the world.


One comment on “Living With Anxiety

  1. Number 4) is very rarely talked about but it’s so true. My wife would have really vivid flashbacks due to her mental health condition to a terrible trauma. By playing our first dance wedding song to her it would have an immediate grounding effect. Find a sing that means a lot to you – even if it’s something your grandma used to sing when you were a child!

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